Shina Plywood Extra-Large

¥ 2826


Shina Plywood 606 x 455mm x 6mm


Shina (English name Linden, Lat. Tillia Japonica) is an even grained, relatively featureless timber perfect for carving woodblock prints. Although technically a hardwood, it is soft and easy to carve, with a smooth, even finish that gives a very fine flat print. A pleasure to use in every way!

The wood we sell is 6mm thick, with a quality finish on both sides, enabling you to use both sides for carving and printing. All layers are Shina, which makes it easy and regular to carve.

Three sizes are available:
Large: 455mm x 303mm (close to A3 size)
Medium: 300mm x 225mm (close to A4 size)
Small: 225mm x 150mm (close to A5 size)

All boards are 6mm thick, which allows successful carving of both sides.

Art supply shops generally sell an inferior grade, often with Luan (tropical hardwood, difficult to carve) interior, and often for a higher price than our shina. 4mm shina is not suitable for carving both sides and is more prone to warping after carving. Our wood, direct from Japan, will give you better results and be easier to use, as well as being less expensive!