Quality Workshop Kit

¥ 17790


For the student who is serious about learning mokuhanga.

This set includes a larger tool set, which has a 9mm gouge, which will make your carving easier and more efficient, as well as the Soasaku Sumi baren for authentic printing. The professional Kentou chisel and an additional hake is olso included This forms the foundation for ongoing practice and learning mokuhanga. There are enough of each material to complete the workshop, either following our design or making your own.

The kit includes:

Design template, polyfilm, double-sided carbon paper, proof paper (6), washi (Kitaro hankusa student x 18), 6mm shina plywood (small x 3), Sosaku Sumi baren, 15mm hake, 24mm hake, 60mm marubake, 7 tool student carving tool set, and professional Kentou chisel..