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These tutorial videos are to re-cap skills taught in workshops and classes, or to extend your knowledge. The link will take you to our YouTube channel where you can select and view the videos as required. This is now a public channel, so feel free to share the links.


I hope these help to refine and re-inforce your mokuhanga learning.

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   Videos Now Available to View

 How to Carve Kentou

An eight minute video tutorial demonstrating how to carve both the corner and straight kentou.

Helpful reminder of what was covered in your comprehensive or longer workshop.


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Sharpening Tools - Introduction

The first in a series about sharpening your tools. This video introduces and discusses a variety of stones and covers the basics of tool geometry.

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Sharpening Hangi-tou

The hangi-to or knife tool is our most important and when properly sharpened gives good results. Perhaps the easiest of tools to sharpen. This techniques in this video also apply to any flat tool, such as kentou chisels.

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Sharpening Gouges

Coming Soon.. 

Sharpening V-chisels

Coming Soon.. 

Tying Baren

Showing the process of tying baren.

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Working with larger sheets of Paper

This video shows one (the most common and versatile) way to pick up and position larer sheets of paper while printing.

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Making of Documentary

Short video documenting the process of designing, carving and printing this work.

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More Coming Soon..