During the current pandemic, many countries have restrictions in place, part of which is receiving international mail. This means that unfortunately you may have difficulty to source materials direct from Japan at the moment.

This is a short list of places you might be able to source materials in your own country to complete the online workshop with:

Supplier Shina Plywood  Carving Tools  Baren  Brushes  Pigments  Nori  Washi
Melbourne Etching Supplies  4.5mm  basic - buy elswhere  black plastic no not suitable Yamato Nori Yes (most Awagami washi is unsized)
 Notes  (luan core)  only very cheap or very expensive
 avoid the other baren listed  Mizu-bake only
 Available in general art shops
 Yamato nori - tapioca starch, not rice paste as advertised
 Awagami washi - Bamboo Select 170gsm recommended
Melbourne Art Supplies  Ho        Gouache    
 Notes  solid wood, good for carving  not suitable  no no Holbein Japan and other brands available    
Ema Shin A Selected range of most things (I don't know how much stock is available, and have never bought from here)
Zart  4.5mm          Yamato Nori  
 (I have never bought from here, but found them while researching this article)       
Eckersleys  4.5mm & 6mm   Black Plastic Baren  Substittute  Gouache  Yamato Nori  
Neil Wallace



   Black Plasitc        Awagami...
Japanese Tools Australia  Woodblock set

Professional Tools *reasonable prices!

Sumi and Beta Baren  Hake, Burashi, mizubake      
Roslyn Kean    a range of very good ball-bearing baren Ball Bearing Baren  


As far as I know, mokuhanga brushes are not available anywhere but as a substitute brush - a stencil brush will work such as these:

Carving Tools - a variety of very cheap tools are available, but I would recommend tools from Japanese Tools Australia. They are the only supplier in Australia of Michihamon tools, baren and brushes. Japanese Tools Australia also have a beginners set, with everything you would need.

Paper - I've had good results for smaller projects with Zerkall 145gsm, smooth, but it seems out of stock right now....

In general, supplies are limited in Australia and shops do not understand mokuhanga technique, and often have wrong information.



I haven't bought fom these USA Suppliers, but they have a good reputation:

Supplier Shina Plywood  Carving Tools  Baren  Brushes  Pigments  Nori  Washi
 McClains  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
(Best mokuhanga range outside of Japan)      
 Washi Arts  Yes (small)  Yes Yes Yes Sumi Yes Yes
 Hiromi Paper        (Mizubake & Surikomebake)      Yes


Likewise, I haven't bought from these UK suppliers, it was what I could find on the internet.

United Kingdom
Supplier Shina Plywood  Carving Tools  Baren  Brushes  Pigments  Nori  Washi
Handprinted "Asian Ply" Shina Yes - Individual professional tools and Power Grip set Available  Good Range - Sosaku Sumi and Beta available  Yes  No Yes  Awagami
Jackson's  Shina & others  Professional only

 Black Plastic (out of stock)

School King - Not recommended

 Yes  Gouache Yes  
 Intanglio Printmaker  Shina 6mm  Individual professional tools and Power Grip set Available  Black Plastic (out of stock) 15mm hake only    Yes  Yes


Jacksons has some Zerkall in stock