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A free introductory online workshop to Mokuhanga.

Learn about the tools, materials and techniques of mokuhanga through this simple, introductory technique. Learn to make a simple, single colour print from your own design. With useful tips for beginners, and a simplified method, this technique for making mokuhanga is both easy and creative.

This series of videos is free to watch and is suitable for absolute beginners, and also for teachers to use to instruct students in school art classes.

Your “First Steps” videos are truly excellent — they reeled me in hook, line and sinker. Such clearly expressed, nicely paced instruction, matched with equally clear visuals. Thank you for the opportunity to take my first steps. I’m excited! - Fran Nolan 2024

I introduced a few of your videos to my students this week, it totally helped with their carving! - Carlee Wolcott 2022




You can view the resources and download the notes to keep for your personal use. If you are a teacher using them, then Terry McKenna's Karuizawa Mokuhanga School must be acknowledged in your lessons.

Use the form on this page to subscribe free of charge. After subscribing you can access the instruction videos and download the workshop notes. It's simple and is the same system as our paid workshops, and gives you three months to use the video instructions. We decided to make this workshop free to give as many people as possible the opportunity to try out this simple technique and enjoy mokuhanga.


 Video Topic  Length  
 Introduction  2:10 thumb promo beginner introduction 110 
 Introduction to Tools and Materials  2:21 thumb materials promo 110
 Prepare your Block  1:50 thumb prepare block promo 110
 Draw your Design  4:23 thumb draw design promo 110
 Tools and Safety  5:52 thumb tools and safety promo 110
 V-Chisel  5:24 thumb v chisel promo 110
 White Area  5:53 thumb white space promo 110
 V-Chisel Pattern  3:16 thumb v chisel pattern promo 110
 Small Gouge  4:23 thumb small gouge pattern promo 110
 More V-Chisel  1:58 tumb more v chisel promo 110
 Flat Chisel  4:28 thumb flat chisel promo 110
 Print Ready  3:47 thumb print ready promo 110
 Proof Print  5:36 thumb promo proof print 110
 Assess Proof  2:12 thumb promo assess proof 110
 Change Colour  2:30 thumb promo change colour 110
 Adjust Carving  4:30 thumb promo adjust carving 110
 Final Print  5:37 thumb promo final prints 110
 Next Steps  3:12 thumb promo next steps 110
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Beginner's Kits

We have put together a kit of tools and materials with which you can complete your initial project. This Budget kit is suitable for the First Steps online workshop:

budget800 226259603

The tools and materials you need, with an inexpensive baren.