tour itinerary

Tour Itinerary

This is a typical Tour Itinerary, when we are able to organise again with confidence a new itinerary will be announced.


Planned Activities October 2020


Monday 12th

Arrival in Kansai airport, travel to Kyoyo, settle in Accommodation and orientation

Tuesday 13th

Ukiyo-e galleries, Chion-in temple area, Sannenzaka Museum, Kiyomizudera, Shopping, Gion Temples and shops, Yasaka Shrine

Wednesay 14th

Mokuhanga workshop with Richard Steiner 1pm—6pm

Morning visit to Shimogamo-jinja

Thursday 15th

Mokuhanga workshop with Richard Steiner 1pm—6pm

Friday 16th

Mokuhanga workshop with Richard Steiner 1pm—6pm

Saturday 17th

Kawaii Kanjiro's House, Kyoto Ceramics Centre, National Museum,
Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine (Sunset Viewing)

Sunday 18th

Gallery visits - venues to be confirmed*

Monday 19th

Visit to Shoichi Kitamura Studio, Yamashina, Daigo-ji Temple Yamashina

Kyoto Tower & Kyoto Station Building Skywalk(evening)

Tuesday 20th

Day trip to Echizen no washi sato (Paper making Village)

Wednesday 21st

Teramachi-dori Shopping precinct, Art / Paper shops, Unsodo
Mokuhanga publishers shop

Thursday 22nd

Leave for Kansai Airport and return to Australia

  *Museums and Galleries haven't released their schedules for the second half of 2020 yet

The schedule is dependant on workshop and visit confirmations, and is also flexible to accommodate weather, museum / gallery open days etc.