Tou-no-ha Professional 7 Tool Set

¥ 29260


Specially selected to suit the syle of carving taught in the Tou-no-ha tradition, as taught in the Australian mokuhanga School.


These tools are professional quality bonded high speed steel, chosen specifically for carving with shina plywood and will also give exceptional results in all types of wood.


Included are three sizes of gouge for accurate clearing of waste wood, along with a wide shallow gouge for efficient bulk clearing and a flat kentou chisel for accurate kentou.

Set includes:
6mm Knife, 1.5mm, 3mm & 6mm gouges, 9mm shallow gouge, Kentou chisel, and a 4.5mm V gouge.
Comes with a protective vynl wallet.

pro 7 set


pro 7 bag

These knives are a traditional design with short cherry wood handles for ease of handling and sharpening.


The clever handle design allows for the removal and adjustment of the blade for sharpening.