Beyond Raging Waves

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I began making this mokuhanga inspired by the music of DJ Krush (Beyond Raging Waves). After creating some energetic ink brush drawings, I set about turning one into mokuhanga, refining the drawings and design.

I think it’s about passing beyond turbulence in your life or a situation and finding peace and tranquillity, the imagery is based very much on the South West Coast of Victoria, with wind swept limestone cliffs and stacks and often raging waves surging against the coast. I lived there many years ago and again recently, so another interpretation could be moving beyond the turbulence of youth as you get older..

The completed work uses 14 colours and the same number of impressions, using traditional Japanese woodblock print techniques on 100% kozo paper. Edition of 10. 2018


Finished size is 65cm x 45.5cm 



View a short video documenting the design, carving and printing of this mokuhanga.

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