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Sharp Tools: The Key to Improve Your Mokuhanga Carving

Written by Terry McKenna 2020, and printed in 2022 in partnership with Michihamono Tool company, Japan.

"Having sharp tools and knowing how to keep them sharp is a key skill that will help you produce better work, as well as saving you time and effort. Sharp tools cut cleanly and disturb the uncut wood far less, enabling you to successfully complete more detailed projects. Apart from understanding wood grain, there is no other single factor that will improve your carving more"

With 64 pages featuring more than 150 photographs and 50 hand-drawn process illustrations, this is a step by step, comprehensive manual of how to make and keep your carving tools truly sharp..

Our books are also available from Michihamono and the shops that sell their tools. If they don't yet stock this book, they may be able to order it for you.

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