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Creative Print - Intermediate Mokuhanga

We can say with confidence that to date there is no other mokuhanga learning resource that covers this material in depth, or at all. Learn extended carving and printing techniques that allow you to produce contemporary mokuhanga that is expressive, creative and helps realize your artistic vision in this medium.

"Terry, this just blows everybody else out of the water …  congratulations!"
-David Bull, 2021

This book is for intermediate level learners and assumes you have a firm grasp of the fundamental mokuhanga carving and printing technique. It introduces a range of carving and printing techniques, half of which extend your skills, and half of which allow you to produce more creative, expressive and contemporary mokuhanga. As well, the book covers sizing washi and other washi preparation, tool sharpening (selected parts of our Sharp Tools book are included) and making hanko. It also includes some inspiring contemporary work from mokuhanga artists with examples of the techniques covered in the book.

250 pages loaded with more than 600 photographs, 35 hand-drawn illustrations and step-by-step instructions. Quality printed on sturdy 110gsm paper, this book is a valuable addition to any printmaker's library.


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Our books are also available from Michihamono and their shops that sell their tools:

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The four prints created for this book are also available in our shop. Why not include the real print as part of your collection!

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