Announcing a week long workshop with Kyoto master mokuhanga artist, Mashiko Honjo.

*** Due to travel difficulties, we have had to postpone this workshop. New dates and costs will be announced when available ***

Waiting to confirm dates... sorry!

available few22


Book early to avoid missing out on this rare opportunity to learn directly from a Japanese master in Australia. Honjo san trained in the Kyoto workshop of Ida Masao (Gallery Gado near the Golden Pavilion) and since leaving to work independently has produced a substantial body of beautiful and highly successful mokuhanga. With his classical training and modern artistic sensibilities, his work features strong design, beautiful harmonious colours combined with high level skills. His work is exhibited regularly throughout Japan and is held by a number of online galleries specializing in Japanese printmakers.

You can find more information about his work on his Facebook page and Blog. (both of these are in Japanese)

In this workshop we are only accepting printmakers with prior experience & skills in mokuhanga. It is not suitable for beginners, unfortunately. This means printmakers who have completed workshops / classes with teachers in Australia or Japan. The workshop is limited to 10 participants and you will be completing a medium sized work of your own design incorporating some of Honjo san's techniques. Honjo san is aiming to teach several of his signature carving and printing techniques. 

Where: Impress Workshop Brisbane
When:   Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April, 2020
Times: 10am to 5pm each day, lunch 45 minutes.
Suitable for: mokuhanga printmakers with prior experience
Participants: Limited to 10
Cost: $745 (payment by Paypal has additional fee)
Materials: $45 (discounted for students of Australian Mokuhanga School)
Tools: Some are provided, and please bring your own tools / brushes etc.
To Apply: Use the form on this page

 One of Honjo san's mokuhanga...


 A short Youtube video of one of Honjo san;'s work printing stages...