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Online Mokuhanga Workshops


Learn authentic Japanese woodblock printmaking direct from Japan, wherever you are in the world!

We understand that it's not possible, or even easy, for many people to come and learn in Japan. That's why we're establishing these online learning opportunities. You can learn mokuhanga from us, in the convenience of your own place.

We intend our online workshops to be a comprehensive compilation of techniques and approaches to making your own mokuhanga, and make the clearest and most comprehensive online learning materials available.

We are teaching and practicing “Sosaku hanga”, that is “Creative Print”. Although we share many of the same tools and techniques with Ukiyo-e practitioners, our focus is on the artist completing every stage themselves. The creative idea of the artist should be visible throughout the process.
Terry McKenna 2020

Our workshops have a range of resources designed to teach you core skills that enable you to continue to create your own mokuhanga, or extend your current practice. Learn authentic techniques and skills from a master practitioner.


How Workshops are Structured

Each workshop is divided into a number of units to allow you to focus on learning and practicing skills appropriate to the stage of the process.

Workshop units have a wide range of learning resources. Instruction videos of varying length give you instruction and guidance. You can watch an experienced practitioner on each step of the process. Comprehensive notes with photographs and diagrams are also included, as well as links to appropriate resources. These are the first online mokuhanga workshops ever created and we believe also the best.

You can access the workshop by purchasing a membership (see the links on the right for PC users or below for mobile device users). A choice of plans are available and you can easily pay through Paypal. All our videos are hosted on Vimeo, which means they are free of advertisiements and take advantage of Vimeo's quality platform.


Please browse the workshop information below or in the menu at the top of the page....


Online Workshops

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