Learn Mokuhanga in Japan and Online

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Learn Mokuhanga in Japan



Inspiring Mokuhanga Residencies in Karuizawa, Japan. Stay and learn to make woodblock prints using the amazing water-based woodblock print technique of Japan ~ "Mokuhanga"

~ Develop new skills in traditional or contemporary mokuhanga

~ Learn in Japan and experience Japanese Art, Culture and Lifestyle

~ For beginners and professional Artists, short or long term

~ Ongoing skill - work afterwards on your own with simple equipment

~ Scenic rural town just one hour from amazing Tokyo



"It’s been such a delight these past days to learn from a Master who is so willing to share everything, make it fun (and punny!), work gracefully with his beautiful wife Aya, provide guidance for tradition, ignite respect and precision, but also give space and freedom for us wild Creative beasts who take over his studio!"

Sharlena Wood (Canada) 2024

"I had a one week residency at Mokuhanga School. I went there as a recommendation by Spanish mokuhanga artist and teacher, Fabiola Gil. I already had experienced a weekend workshop with her, but still didn't completely grasp the whole process well. Being one week with Terry was wonderful, he is able to teach you step by step, has a practical approach, and also he is able to give you tips that only you would know after lots of time of practice. Thanks to my stay there, I am now able to keep practicing on my own! Although I hope I can come back some day to learn some more! His book is very helpful too, once you have been there. Additionally, the school is in a traditional Japanese house which I think is very charming, and Karuizawa is a lovely town to be in."

Tania Vicedo (Spain) 2023

"My residency was one of the best decisions I could have made regarding delving deeper into the marvelous world of Japanese woodblock printmaking. The location of the School couldn't be better, as it's easily reached from Tokyo and is surrounded by the beautiful and quiet town of Karuizawa, which only adds to the creative inspiration and to the whole experience! The School provides every tool or resource a carver or printmaker could ever need regardless of their level, from first time carvers to seasoned artists or artisans. All the knowledge I obtained during my one month stay in this School is invaluable!"

Camilo Díaz Ocampo (México) 2019


Mokuhanga - the technique every print artist should know...

Mokuhanga is a diverse and flexible medium for professional artists to add to their skills or even to focus on as a professional printmaker. We believe it should be the medium of choice for eco-conscious printmakers throughout the world and we want to share our knowledge with you.

You don't however need to be a professional Artist to learn and enjoy mokuhanga. Anyone can learn and enjoy the fulfilling experience of producing their own original woodblock print. In Japan people from all walks of life have learnt and still make mokuhanga for their own enjoyment, from school children, to hobbyists, to professional artists.

The traditional Japanese woodblock printing technique is highly versatile, environmentally friendly and inherently beautiful. In your residency or our workshops you will learn to create your own multi-colour, multi-block prints using the traditional registration system combined with both traditional and contemporary carving and printing techniques. You will also try and learn about the beautifully crafted tools and equipment of this historic technique.




For the time being, no workshops are planned for Australia and New Zealand.